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S2PM For managing the common area, our staff is the key of successful. The suitable staffs are found out and put in the property. Training, consulting and operation plan are supported and trained to the staff. The skillful staff will be implemented for the highest benefit of the resident.

Property Management : Juristic Person / บริหารจัดการนิติบุคคล


  Providing the financial activity as in the act
  Summary and display the financial status
  Storing a financial document

Income – outcome management

Income management
  Managing the debt fee and making a summary of the list of the debtor
  Providing a payment system
  Providing the policy of he payment
  Displaying the financial status
Checking the financial status

Office Management/การบริหารจัดการสำนักงาน

Document System Management

  Providing the system of managing the announcement

  Providing the system of collecting the contact of the resident

  Document folder management

Evaluation and report

  Operating and action as the plan and policy of the company

  Meeting for making the plan for the implementation

Communication with the co-owner and resident


Engineering Systemการจัดการระบบวิศวกรรม

Accept the common area

  Reporting the engineering system and the architecture in common area

  Making the assist list

  Consulting the preventive and maintenance  

Urgent preventive and maintenance

  Providing the engineering team for the emergency case

  Contacting with the relate organization

Engineering part inspection

  Planning for maintenance period

  Reporting for the repairing part

Security Guard & Housekeeping

Security Guard System

Resident Area

  Providing the security system for the entrance

  Providing the security system for moving any assets

KPI for security system

  Planning for the security check in the building

  Training the security guard for the emergency accident

Promoting the skill of the security guard

  Fire escape training

  Meeting for evaluation between a security guard company and a management team

House keeping system

Planning for the cleaning system

  Providing the job description for the cleaner

  Providing KPI for cleaner

Juristic Person Management for Condominium and Villa
Villa and Condominium registration
Organizing the general meeting for condominium and villa
Consulting for Juristic person Management
Defect checking in the common area before handing the management team
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